Private Lessons

Coaching Services

I have coached a wide range of individuals including children and adults.

The lessons are specifically prepared by myself for the individual’s needs and concentrate on improving his/her standard of play in a fun and exciting manner. Each lesson is concisely structured and designed to give a player what they need without wasting their time. Furthermore, additional “take home” material is also offered to all students.

Unfortunately, due to other chess commitments, I cannot promise to take on every student that requires coaching – however, I will do my best to help.


I am available for individual or group coaching. Internet coaching via Skype is possible though I prefer face-to-face coaching.

Prices vary according to whether I have to commute to a required destination.

Prices can be found under the contact us pop-up at the bottom of this page.

Game Annotation

Game annotation is available for an individual game or multiple games.

This offer has proved very popular with many players. In the past, I have been asked to annotate games in a specific opening thus creating an opening book for the player.

Games for annotation need to be sent to me in Chessbase format. I will then annotate them extensively whilst adding other relevant games, diagrams and opening/middlegame/endgame suggestions.

This process ensures that the player improves in all aspects of his/her game. In addition, a video file can be created whereby the player has his/her game presented by myself!


This includes all variations, computer assessment, my own thoughts on the opening, middlegame and endgame and anything else that is required. In addition, I will provide you with a video file in which I personally present your game and show you where you could improve your play.


Game Assessment

This process involves identifying any strengths and weaknesses that a player needs to work on.

Although similar to game annotation, a larger selection of games are analysed and comments are provided by myself to identify the areas in which a player needs to improve upon. Once these areas have been identified, exercises are supplied to help a player improve upon their weaknesses.


Contact me at for more details.